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schnüffelbrünf might be the answer

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    Andreas Schipplock. Born in the German Democratic Republic. Used a dial-up modem to chat in IRC networks. Was always interested in hard- and software. Voodoo and Quake, you know what I mean. QuickBasic, sorry QBasic, was my first programming language. Assembly and Turbo Pascal after that. Delphi. C#. Java. PHP, Perl. Java again. Oh dear. Gaming and programming was always connected. It isn't anymore. Now chatting on an ICB network ( DHTML might be something different. Currently working at the cancer registry NRW. Not planning to leave. Good people there.


    Vagrant Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with docker
    asix linux
    Minimal bootable Linux
    OpenSMTPD in docker
    Using opensmtpd to receive mails

    Andreas Schipplock
    Horsterstr. 424, 46240 Bottrop